Strategy is important to produce results in many aspects of your life- even your spiritual and magical practice. Many of my clients that have known me for a while have heard me mention the process. I am going to tell you what that is and why I have seen it work so well for hundreds of my clients, trust me… this will make sense as we go along, so stick with me! 

What is the process?

The process is a series of steps that I have taken customers through which helps them to see optimal results and manifestation in their workings. It also helps them to get accustomed to and in a routine of working, while also shifting their mindset, which is so important in your craft.  So what is it? Is it necessary? Magic is what you make it, it’s not an organized religion, so it’s not required, but recommended; you will see what I mean as you further evolve in your practice. So the process that I  recommend in the practice of Hoodoo and conjure work are a series of steps and workings, which first starts with Ancestor Veneration. 

Ancestor veneration is essential in the practice of hoodoo, this is about establishing a relationship with your ancestors as the ancestors assist you throughout your journey and also offer guidance and protection. I promise this makes a HUGE difference in the results that you see. It also is your first step to working and petitioning spirits. The ancestors are also your first line of defense! The next step is uncrossing. 

Uncrossing is used to remove any type of negative and stagnated energy that may be holding you back from progressing forward in your life. Keeping stagnated energy attached you will never yield you the manifestations and results that you desire, and if they come… more than likely it won’t last long. 

Behind this is spiritual healing and protection. Spiritual healing is a form of shadow work and it is used to work through elements of your subconscious that you may need to address in order to step into your most authentic self. This is to address thought patterns, trauma, and beliefs that may be holding you back. This is also essential in healing your generational line and breaking generational curses and cycles. 

Protection work is essential as it creates a barrier where nothing can penetrate your aura. You get something off you, but the goal is to keep it off, which is where your protection comes in. This is also used to protect what you have manifested, so this is a work that you should CONSTANTLY keep in your rotation. 

The final step of this process is road opener and blockbuster. Road opener is used to open roads of opportunity in your life for new energy to flow in- mentally, physically, spiritually, financially, emotionally. While blockbuster serves to remove any further blocks that may be hindering these opportunities from flowing in. 

Once you are done with this process, then you move into other workings: manifestation, money, attraction, success workings, etc. 

This is a process to make sure your path is free and clear and nothing is going to stop your manifestations from coming through. 

Why does this work?

The process works because it is guess what??? A STRATEGY! You aren’t just doing spells and rituals willy nilly, but you are actually following a strategy. This also helps you to grasp the fundamentals of workings, especially when it comes to building a relationship with spirit and basic elements such as protection which you will be grateful for in the long run… I PROMISE!

Before diving into complex rituals, it's important to grasp the fundamentals of magical strategy. This includes understanding your intentions, knowing the right timing, and choosing appropriate tools and symbols. 

Other strategical elements

Other strategical elements include: timing, symbols, candles colors, seasons, lunar phases, elemental spirits, herbal spirits, etc… it gets deep!

The Role of Timing in Magic:

Timing plays a major role in your workings. This is working with planetary days and hours, working with the clock, and also other astrological events, whether this includes: lunar phases, portal days, transits, etc.  

Tools and Symbols:

Every tool and symbol in magic carries specific energies. Every herb carries a specific spirit for a different condition. Even when it comes down to working with elements: earth, air, fire, and water- each element is used for a specific purpose. For example: you may work with the earth element for earthly concerns- money, etc. You may work with air to promote communication. Fire to influence action, and water to purify and cleanse. Get where I am going with this?

Don’t allow it to overwhelm you, just be open to learning all that you can in order to evolve further in your spiritual practice. See what works and what doesn’t, this is the purpose of “practicing.” Each person will be different, this is why we call working- conditions, because everyone’s condition is different.  This is also is why divination is so important, but that of course is a topic for another day!

So Give me an Example Please!

This can be as simple as planning out your magical strategy- checking the days of the week and lunar phases for your workings. This can also be as simple as setting aside a day of the week for altar week, ancestor veneration, and spiritual cleansing. 

Make a strategy and stick to it for one month… see how your life changes!