Product Instructions

Spiritual Bath Instructions:

Herbal Bath Instructions

1. Pour the Herbal bath mixture into the Muslin bag enclosed and pull drawstring tightly.

2. Boil a small boiler of water, when the water comes to a boil, insert the Muslin bag filled with bath mixture into the hot water and steep the bath for about 10 minutes. Just like you would steep a tea bag if you were making a cup of tea is the same for this bath.

Note: Take your normal bath or shower first. Then pour the steeped water into your bath water and immerse your body as you pray or state your intent. If showering, pour the steeped water down your body, head or shoulders to toe while stating your prayer or intent.



Conjure Soaps

Conjure soaps are spiritual cleanses and can be used in lieu of spiritual baths. Soaps can be used in your daily rituals. These conjure soaps can be used in the shower, bath, and to wash your hands. As this product comes in direct contact with the skin, it is important to complete a skin patch test prior to use. While using, state your intentions or prayers. When taking a shower or bath, use the soap last after your regular shower.


Conjure Mists

Conjure mists can be used discreetly to spray a space. It can be used to spray business cards, your home, your office, your car, and even your body. Please do a skin patch test before spraying directly on skin. State intentions or prayers when using the mist.

Floor Washes

Floor washes are used to spiritually cleanse the home. State your intentions or prayers while cleansing the home.

Floor Wash Use- Add contents to a gallon of water and mop your floors from the front of your home to the back. 

Conjure Waters

Indigo Water- Indigo Water is used as a spiritual cleansing agent. It is used to remove negative and harmful influences. The water can be used as a floor wash or mist for the home. It is used in household blessings and to promote a peaceful environment.

Four Thieves Vinegar- Four Thieves Vinegar is an old Hoodoo formula used for repelling and protection against negative energy and folks who wish to cause you harm. This can be used as spiritual cleanser for the home and also put at the threshold of the home, and even used in corners and on door knobs.

Peace Water- Peace Water is used to promote a peaceful environment and good spirits. It is used to keep negative and evil spirits out of the home. Peace water is made to be kept in the bottle and can be shaken up occasionally to deter negative and evil spirits and influences. Traditionally it is kept in the entry way of the home. 

Conjure Oils

Conjure Oils are one of the most diverse magical tool

Add a few drops to your laundry detergent - this is a way to get it on a person within your household.
* Put it on a door handle that you know the person you are targeting will touch.
* Put a drop in your shoe. * Feed a Mojo Bag with it.
* Put a spot of oil on each corner of your money to attract more money as you spend it.
* Anoint the back of your business card to attract more customers.
* Mix with your body lotion and rub it over you.
* Wear it on the back of your neck, palm of your hands and the sole of your feet. Put a bit on your hands before shaking your target's hands, giving them a hug or touching them in any way.
* Dress a candle for candle magic, dress amulets, petition paper or talismans.
* Add it to your bath water when taking a spiritual bath.

Conjure Powders

Sprinkle on a place, such as across the doorway, in your car or under your desk. When using in cursing or hexing work, a common trick is to put an X pattern where the enemy will walk over it. This is a way of saying " I cross you up "!
Sprinkle to create a circle during your ritual work to enhance the success of your work.
Dusting is when you put powder ( usually by brushing it on lightly with your hand ) on a target. Lightly dust your hands or clothing. Dust your desk, doorknobs, window sills, business cards, money, lottery ticket, just about anything can be dusted.
With your breath, blow the powder out your hand while focusing on your intentions, With your breath, blow in the direction of your target.
The Possibilities are endless!

Dressed Conjure Candles

Dressed or Fixed Candles are Prayer candles that are prepared with various oils, powders, herbs, etc. for a specific intention or condition.
Dressing a candle enhances the intensity of the candle work. We use herbs, oils, powders and other materials that support the intentions of the candle.  Our candles have been " Charged and Blessed ", however we recommend that you "Charge and Bless" your candle, as your candle has traveled and been exposed to all types of energies.
1. Cleanse candle, yourself and space.
2. Charge candle with your intent or prayer, speaking intent into the candle.
3. Optional: Write you intention on petition and place underneath candle or speak your intention into the candle

Candle Burning Warning:
Due to the candles being dressed with various dried herbs , flowers and spices, Please do not leave candle unattended or close to anything that could catch fire. I recommend burning candle on a fire proof surface such as a foil pan. Herbs can catch on fire when the wax is low or if the fire touches a dried herb. It is perfectly fine to snuff out the candle when the herbs are exposed to the fire. This will not affect your candle work. Do not overdress your candle with oil. A lot does not make it work better.