Setting of Lights

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Setting of lights- The setting of lights is candle work with dressed candles used to target specific conditions with petition.

For setting of lights and jar work, please send an email to with details regarding the situation for work requested. The number of days depends on the burn of the candles and the type of work. Depending on the work some candles may burn up to a month. 

To prevent blockages in your work. DO NOT contact regarding work status, you will be sent an email once the work has begun and once it is completed 

When work is started is depending on the space on my altar and the day of the week. A photo and email will be sent when work has started and once work has been completed.

If you need a setting of lights started within 48 hours. You must purchase the emergency setting of lights option. 

Customer Reviews

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TGC helped me get my desired work position!

I got the employment setting of lights done and set very specific intentions on what I want my next job to offer. It definitely took some time and during my weaker moments I started to settle for jobs I didn't want with requirements that I didn't want to adhere to. Of course none of them hired me (thank God!) and I got the kind of job I wanted with minimal experience! Thank you TGC!

This company is the real deal

I brought the road opener setting of lights during their black friday weekend sale and some roads did open and l received results that l wasnt expecting and that came very quickly.
I would reccomend the setting of lights if you want fast results

Giovanna Achebe
Steady work

I had a steady work setting of the lights done a little bit ago and I have held back from reviewing until I saw my results as I knew they were coming. This was definitely the real deal. Just signed my contract and my offer letter legit reads just like my petition. I am a client for life! Thank y’all so much!

Adrian Colar
Always a satisfied customer

No matter what I’ve ordered or questions I’ve had, I am always 100% satisfied with the results. I’m starting to sound like a broken record but I can’t stop praising everybody with TGC. I’ve had jar work done and setting of lights and both times I knew as soon as I placed the order I made the right decision. Thanks guys!!

Michelle Antoinette
Divinely Gifted !!! 💖Settings Of Lights 💖

Grand Risings Sade & family. I just want to tell you that my Uncrossing/Unhexing work is Manifesting like STRAIGHT FIRE🔥🔥🔥When you said Spirit works in (Mysterious Ways) you're SPOT ON ! I woke up this morning to a email from Experian Credit stating that a $5000 Debt had been FULLY DELETED and my credit score was increased 23 Points total of 32 Points for the entire month. If anyone knows how Credit Card companies work this is 100% unheard of on a account less than a year old. (Also this is not due to a Credit Repair Service) I'm fairly new to the 3rd Generation Conjure family & I will ROCK with them for LIFE they are the REAL DEAL and lastly this Manifested in less than a MONTH !!! Gratitude Gratitude Gratitude 🌹,❤️🌹