Spiritual Counseling & Mentoring

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Spiritual Counseling & Mentoring

Spiritual Counseling and Mentoring is used for spiritual growth, whether you are new to your journey and need guidance or need to learn methods of doing work efficiently.

3 Week $250.00- This includes 3 weeks of mentoring and spiritual counseling. This includes: two 30 minute calls twice per week and guidance on spiritual path and condition work.

6 Weeks $400.00- This includes 6 weeks of mentoring and spiritual counseling. This includes two 30 minute calls twice per week and guidance on spiritual path and condition work. 

Customer Reviews

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Angelina Smith
Very Helpful

I ordered the 30 minute counseling and Sade answered all my questions when it came to ancestor veneration and my altar. I appreciate that Sade and Mama Conjure are so helpful and answer all questions promptly. They don’t make you feel like you bothering them and they are down to earth. They want you to succeed and be successful and when it comes to hoodoo they will always be my go to shop!!

Stephanie Gist
My life is forever changed!

I can not tell you how much of a blessing Sade and Third Generation Conjure has been to the overall quality of my life. I've been on my spiritual journey for years but I recently discovered the practice of hoodoo and it just "clicked" for me ( I later learned that I do have family lineage in the practice).

Of course I didn't know what the hell I was doing after buying a few products and decided I needed to reach out for help. I took a deep breath and dived in head first to the 3 week counseling sessions.

Sade is so kind and has a gentle spirit that makes it easy to open up and talk. The advice and guidance she has blessed me with has catapulted my practice to a whole new level and have already experienced deep healing and a new direction in my life and my career! Sade is the WHOLE TRUTH!

I would encourage anyone looking for guidance on their spiritual journey to not hesitate. It could make a world of difference in your life!

Yolanda Bishop
Great Spiritual Counseling

Had the 1 hour spiritual counseling, and it was great! She answered all my questions, and I had quite a few. She is so nice, and she advised me on what I needed, I took a lot of notes. Will be ordering another one soon.

Lala B
Spiritual counseling

I am in awe! So helpful in all aspects. So grateful for this company. They really are good genuine people. Sade will answer and listen to your questions. Gives great spiritual advice..very knowledgeable. I will forever be a customer.

Marquitia Wilson

Of course Sharde exceeds expectations as always, mentoring was very effective, efficient and thorough. She is a great listener and gives on point advice. Book her!!!