Conjure Lotions

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Don't forget these...

These conjure lotions are a wonderful addition to easily anoint after spiritual baths and on the go!

Price reflects 2 ounce bottle of lotion

Do a skin patch test first as products are directly put on the skin.

 Fiery Wall of Protection

Fiery Wall of Protection is used to be one of the strongest forms of protection from evil doings, curses, witchcraft, it builds a protective wall of protection between you and negative outside influences or people.


Uncrossing is alleged to remove curses, jinxes, and crossed conditions, to restore good luck and change bad luck to good.

Crown of success

The Crown of Success is alleged to bring success in financial, career, business matters, school or helping you succeed in all of your endeavors.

Spiritual Healing

The Spiritual Healing is alleged help cleanse away negative energy and to give vitality to those who are spiritually fatigued or ill and to raise energy levels.

Road Opener/Blockbuster

Road Opener is alleged to help remove blocks, obstacles and open your path to new opportunities.  Blockbuster is used to remove blockages and clear the way for new opportunities.