Conjure wax melts

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These dressed conjure wax melts are meant to be used in a wax melter only to keep work going when candles can’t be burned or to keep continuous work going. 

Available in the following:

Crown of Success-  Crown of Success Candle is ALLEGED to help you obtain your goals and to succeed in your endeavors.

Uncrossing- Uncrossing is ALLEGED to remove curses, jinxes, and crossed conditions, to restore good luck and change bad luck to good. 

Peaceful Home- Peaceful Home is ALLEGED to bring peace, harmony and tranquility into your life, surroundings or current situation.

Fiery wall of protection- Fiery Wall of Protection is ALLEGED to keep you and your home safe from any evil, curses, negativity or dark spirits. This is the ultimate protection.

Road Opener-  Road Opener is used to remove blockages, obstacles and open your path to new opportunities.

Money Drawing- Money drawing is powerful magnet that is used to pull money, abundance, wealth and prosperity towards you. 

Attraction-  Attraction is a spiritual tool that is used to Strongly draw in money, love, luck, success, or whatever you desire to bring into your life.