Group Rituals 2022

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Road Opener/Blockbuster Sample Petition

I, Jane Doe, born May 19, 2021 thank my ancestors,source, and spirit for the removal of blockages in my
life. Doors of opportunity are open for me and I am
constantly attracting opportunities for all things
beneficial in my life. Opportunities and doors open
for me in my relationships, career, health, and all
areas of my life. The opportunities that I have been
afforded no man can stop. Anything thrown at me
that is not beneficial to my elevation is immediately
destroyed, I am grateful for these opportunities and
spirit has helped me to recognize them once they
appear in my life. I am grateful and blessed for all the
great things spirit has provided to me and will
provide to me- known and unknown at this time.

June 8th- Road Opener/Blockbuster

Road Opening and blockbuster is used to remove any further blockages and to open doors of opportunity in life.

July 7th- Flaming Attraction

Flaming attraction is attract work and it is used to attract your desires, whether that is money, love, health, etc.

August 7th- Crown of Success

Crown of Success is used to promote success in all aspects of your life and ensure success in your endeavors

September 8- Money Drawing

Money drawing is used to draw money towards you and increase morey and financial opportunities in your life

October 28- Love Drawing

Love drawing is great for self love, this is a work used to attract love in your life

November- No ritual

December- Customer's Choice (ritual date to be announced)