You may have heard this before… fight of flight.. so what is it? How do you know if you are in fight of flight mode? I will give you a technical definition and then we will break it down. The fight or flight mode is a physiological response that occurs in response to a perceived threat or danger. It prepares your body to either confront the threat (which is to fight) or to flee from it (this would be your flight). Physically, these responses involve the release of hormones like adrenaline, increased heart rate, heightened alertness, sometimes paranoia, and redirected blood flow to essential muscles. It’s an automatic survival mechanism. You want to know what chakra controls this? You guessed it! The root chakra.


That was a lot of words, what does all of that even mean? So basically, when you don’t feel safe in life and secure, whether this is feeling safe and secure- mentally, physically, spiritually, financially, or emotionally- it can trigger this response in your body. Not only does it affect you on a physical level, it also trickles down on an emotional level, a spiritual level, and guess what?!? A financial level!! Yes fight of flight will mess with your moolah! 


So how do we get out of this? How do we balance this aspect of ourselves? One way to start is to learn to balance your root chakra. The root chakra , also known as the “Muladhara,” is associated with stability, security, and a sense of being grounded. It also rules the physical reality. When it is imbalanced, it might manifest as financial instability, fear of scarcity, hoarding, difficulty managing money, irrational fear, and being out of touch with reality. 


So what are some of the signs that this chakra is out of balance? These are some of the ways that this imbalance can  manifest itself.


Mental and Emotional Signs:

  1. Anxiety and Fear: this may be chronic fear or anxiety and panic attacks, this is often related to survival and fear of the unknown in the future. This is the fool card in tarot.
  2. Restlessness: This is a feeling of being unsettled, unable to relax, constantly being on edge. This is the 4 of swords in tarot. This can also be instability in your life- such as with homes, relationships, and even jobs. A restless spirit or roaming spirit (as the old folks used to say).
  3. Lack of focus: Struggling with concentration, feeling scattered, or finding it challenging to stay in the present moment. This is the 7 of cups card in tarot. This can also manifest in things such as ADHD (of course this is not medical advice guys!)
  4. Lack of self worth: Feeling unworthy or undeserving, which can contribute in attracting abundance. You are not in a receiving energy. This is the 5 of pentacles in tarot.


Physical Signs:

  1. Fatigue: This is low energy levels and lack of physical vitality 
  2. Digestive issues: Problems with digestion, constipation (this can also be linked with the solar plexus, the gut).
  3. Lower back painL Pain or tension in the lower back, hips, or legs
  4. Poor immune system: Frequent illnesses (which are often triggered by stress).
  5. Cold hands and feet: Having cold extremities due to blood not circulating properly
  6. Weight gain: Struggling with weight gain or loss. This can also trigger stress related eating habits. Typically when we feel unsafe or in a scarce mindset, our body stores fat as a means to protect ourselves. 


How to balance this chakra?

  1. Grounding exercises: Walking outside barefoot in the grass, tree hugging, and spending time in nature helps to ground you to the earth.
  2. Meditation: Practice grounding meditation and visualization. Imagine you are extending your body and heels into the earth. 396hz is a good frequency for this.
  3. Affirmations: Affirmations are a way of rewiring and reprogramming your subconscious mind. Repeat affirmations in the I am. “I am safe and supported in every aspect of my life.” Sometimes when we don’t feel safe and don’t feel affirmations are true, it may be difficult for our brain to accept them as truth, so rephrase: Why am I so safe and secure? This way spirit and the universe will show you why you are safe and secure. 
  4. Yoga: There are certain yoga poses that stimulate and help to balance the root chakra, if that is your thing. 
  5. Herbs and aromatherapy: There are certain fragrances and herbs that help to balance this chakra. We have talked about herbal spirits. Some of these herbs include: patchouli and cedarwood. You can use chakra oil on a red candle and even use the chakra cleansing bath to help to balance this chakra. 
  6. Crystal therapy: Crystals can be helpful with helping to balance your root chakra. Some of these that are good include: black tourmaline, red jasper, and hematite. 
  7. Diet: Include some foods to help balance your root chakra, this can be red fruits and vegetables and also foods that grow from the earth. 


Always remember: you have control over your life and you are the creator of your own destiny. Do the work and it will pay off I promise! Peace, love and blessings!