Many of us have been through the infamous “Tower” moment. You have heard of it! Where it seems like everything in your life is falling apart. If you have been through one, you will know that there is always light at the end of the tunnel, even though you can only make out the first couple of feet or  maybe even inches ahead of you. 

Often times; when you go through a spiritual process and awakening, whether this is learning about new practices and implementing them, or just doing the simple manifestation and law of attraction learnings, you oftentimes tend to go through these tower moments….. Then you start getting nervous and freaking out- thinking…. I am doing something wrong! When in reality, you are doing everything right.  And No… you are not crossed up… unless you are crossing yourself up. 

I am going to tell you what it means and why it happens. Think for a second of all that you have asked for and believed that you are worthy of. Let’s say you manifest a loving relationship, but the person you are with is not that. They are abusive- mentally, physically, or emotionally. Guess what? Spirit will move that relationship out of the way for you! You think.. “Oh no!” I was working to bring us closer, I got backhanded results, when you really didn’t and if you would stop trying to force that relationship, the person you need will show right up. 

Money is something I often see people working on. Let’s say you are at a job making 50,000 dollars per year. However, you petitioned to be a millionaire. No matter how high you climb the corporate ladder, this job will never make you a millionaire. So… your manifestation is working in the background, you are getting all kinds of ideas, you are not implementing them and then…. You get fired, or you start getting bullied on the job, making you want to quit. You think… I did money work or manifestation work to get more money and it seems that I am getting less. That’s because that job does not serve the vision. So when those moments happen… you have to figure out then what you are going to do. And that’s what I mean by a tower moment. 

Things that don’t serve your purpose, especially when protecting yourself, they are removed from your life- jobs, relationships, etc. A breakdown for a rebuild. So if you are going through a moment like this… keep going! You are right where you need to be. Even if it does not seem like it. Your breakdown is your breakthrough!