Spiritual warfare isn’t something new. It is what has been going on for many years even before our physical incarnation on this earth. You may have been hearing this term a lot, so what is spiritual warfare? Spiritual warfare is fighting against hidden forces and forces that you can not see. It doesn’t have to be a specific hit towards you, but you can experience it, if you are not protecting your energy. 


When people go through spiritual attacks, often times it is not someone sitting there lighting a candle on you, or putting you in a jar. Of course, it can be those things, but you can be sent energy and have energy attached just by going about your normal and daily life. 


We pick up energy from television, music, social media, our coworkers, friends, family, and even just doing mundane things by going to the grocery store.  We also pick it up and develop a cord and attachment to others, whether positive or negative, when we talk about people. 


So how can your protect yourself from this energy??? There are several ways that you can do this.


In a spiritual sense, if we get into cleansing and protection workings, what this is is energy and channeling this energy. We speak of spirit and working with spirit whether that is working with ancestors, herbal spirits, elemental spirits, your own spirit (because you are a spirit in a physical body, etc.)


One way to combat this energy is taking spiritual cleanses. A spiritual bath and cleanse encompasses 2 elements- the elements of earth and the element of water. With spiritual cleanses you have salt and different herbs for different purposes. Salt has been used for centuries to purify and deflect negative energies. You even see this mentioned throughout the Bible. In Leviticus 2:13- “You shall season all your grain offerings with salt. You shall not let the salt of the covenant with your God be missing from your grain offering; with all your offerings you shall offer salt.” Salt is used for purity and for preservation, which can also be used to protect a property and set up a boundary around your home. In addition, with the element of water…. Water holds memory. There is research showing how water crystallizes in different forms, depending on the type of affirmations that are spoken into it- whether negative or positive. So when you are using water in your cleanses, it is holding that memory for your desires, whether that is for purification, protection, uncrossing, or whatever you are doing. The same also happens when you consume water. Which is why you will see many people charge and speak to their water prior to drinking it. You put a memory in the water and consume it to absorb that memory in your body and subconscious. 


You can also use the element of fire when doing work for protection, uncrossing, etc. Fire is essential for life, but it is a dangerous element that can also cause death and get rid of things that you need to. A strong element to work with, whether that is with your candle work, burning petitions, you are using the element of fire.


With air, there are different ways to do this. If you are blowing powder or  an herb, this is using the element of air. Burning incense or smudging incorporates the air element, as well your breath which is air. Physically speaking affirmations and petitions. 


Incorporate these different elements to layer your work, especially your protection, and be specific with your protection. Protecting yourself spiritually- against any type of spiritual warfare or energies that do not belong to you. You can protect your energy by being aware of what you consume in your psyche, with media, interactions with other people etc. Protect your energy! If you have a negative friend who you know only calls you with drama and you don’t want to engage… ignore their call, you don’t have to answer and allow them to dump that energy on you. It is not being mean, but YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF WHAT YOU ALLOW INTO YOUR ENERGY. It is that simple and doesn’t require you to light a candle or anything else. 


Protect yourself emotionally, disengage with things that lower your energy and vibration. I am not here with toxic positivity or anything like that, I know life happens and we won’t always be happy, but when you can change aspects that don’t make you feel good, do that!


Protect yourself physically and financially. Ground your energy! You can do this by getting in nature, meditation, even affirmations, knowing that there is more than enough to go around. When you live in fear and in a scarcity mindset, it throws off your root chakra and you get into a fight or flight mode, which has effects in your material world. The root rules your material. There is also a need to balance between your material and inner world, or you will get stuck in those lower chakras, but that is a topic for another day and time lol.  


Overall, pay attention and protect your energy. Don’t live in fear, also extend this energy to your loved ones, especially your children.