When people think of doing ritual work, they always looks towards candle works. No doubt that candle work is powerful, but it is not the only type of working. It is only one element that you work with. Think about the four elements. You have fire, air, water, and earth. There are many other workings that can be done, especially if you don't have the time or means to do candle work, so make sure that you don't allow that to stop your work, but I will talk about the ways to use different elements so that you can progress in your practice.

Simplicity is something that is underestimated. Many people believe that something has to be overly complicated in order for it to work. There are some instances where a little work needs to be put in, it is not about being lazy, but sometimes you can utilize other things in your workings. For instance, let's take 2 elements, the element of water, and the earth element, which is where herbs, roots, and things like crystals come into play. Something as simple as taking a spiritual bath or a condition bath is doing "work." Most of us don't think about it like this, but it is true. You incorporate 2 elements, the element of water and the element of earth with your herbs and roots. Also water alone holds power. 

Not even in a spiritual sense, but a "scientific" sense, words have been known to change the molecular structure of water. So try this, talk to your water before you drink it, before you bathe in it, talk to your herbs when taking a cleanse and thank the herbs for serving their purpose. These are all living elements and they have a spirit as well. Just like the ancestors' spirits assist, the herbs' spirits assist as well so thank the spirits of the herbs in addition, and watch how your manifestations change. 

Another element to use is air. Air is an element that can be incorporated by incense and also the wind. Burning a petition and allowing the wind to carry the ashes and your intention into the universe is working with air element.  

Of course, we like rituals and they are powerful, but create your own rituals. Even if that is cleansing your home at the first of the month, laying down your protection salts and powders. Blowing or dusting with your powders, taking a condition bath, these are all rituals that we do. Rituals are repetition. Defined is this: an act or series of acts regularly repeated in a set precise manner.

I also see a lot of confusion on spiritual cleanses. Yes your baths like 13 herbs, uncrossing, and white bath are meant to remove negative energy and purify the energy as seen with white bath, but you have baths for other conditions and to improve those conditions. A money drawing bath is used to work for the condition of money, a crown of success bath is used to promote success. This is also important with layering your workings. If you are doing a money drawing candle or ritual, take a money drawing bath before hand, etc, blow money drawing powder around your home, put some in your wallet, dust your money or credit cards. Layering your work will prove a world of a difference.