This week we will be discussing love work.

There are several different types of love work. You can work on self love, reconciliation, attraction, or love drawing work. Some Hoodoo formulas are catered to different types of work. I want to speak on this to make sure you guys can decipher the difference.

Let's talk Jezebel. I want to start with this one, as it is a top seller of ours and generally delivers instant results. Jezebel, if you wish to classify it, is more of a lust type oil  The history of Jezebel originated from the use by prostitutes to draw clients and wealthy men.


Jezebel can still be used for these purposes, however, like with all love work it is a domination oil. Jezebel can be used to draw attention and is a magnet for attention. It can also be used as a domination oil to use against men in particular. The Jezebel root is used to enhance influence and can also be incorporated in some crossing works and also business matters. 



Next, we will talk about attraction oil. Many people get this connotation that attraction oil is used strictly for attracting love. It can be used for this purpose, however, it can be used for multiple purposes. It can be used to attract love, prosperity, or several other things. It can be used to attract new people into your life as well.


Love drawing is just that. It is used to draw love towards you. This can be used for self love, love from others, not just in particular romantic love, which is why it is important to be very specific with your intention.



Lastly, we will discuss Come to Me Boy, Come to Me Girl, and Come to Me (not pictured) Come to Me Boy is used to attract or dominate a particular male target, while Come to Me Girl is used to attract or dominate a particular female target. Come to Me is like attraction and it is used to attract several things. You can use Come to Me for things such as money, new opportunities, or a particular love target if you wish, it is not gender specific.  These formulas can be used in oil, powder, or bath form.