A sweetening jar is used "sweeten" someone up to you.  It is used widely in love work, however, it can be used in other works as well. A typical sweetening consists of sugar, some people use honey or syrup, a photo of the target, love drawing herbs, condition oils, such as, come to me oil or attraction oil, a photo of the target, and a petition. To keep the jar moving you can burn chimes anointed with condition oils. Shake the jar regularly, for best results daily with your intentions until you begin to see results.

Also incorporated in love work is the use of figure candles. These are male or female candle figures, and also gender specific candles. 

Red figure candles are used for loving drawing, passion, and attraction. These are typically in the form of male or female.  There are also male and female gender candles which are typically used to affect ones sexual nature. For attraction work with two figure candles, candles are typically bound together face to face. 

The use of black figure candles are used in separation type works and can also be used in crossing work. For separation work, black figure candles are normally bound, back to back. The use of black gender candles are also used to affect ones nature.