I just want to talk about this, because I feel many people are misinformed when it comes to working with different deities, saints, etc in your work. I always tell people, if you decide to work with deities or Orishas, or anything of the sort, make sure that you are properly educated.

Your ancestors are your first and foremost line of defense. Who better to start with than someone who is most invested in you? I will tell you that I work with my ancestors and they have never failed me. I also feel that incorporating other deities, especially when you have not taken the time to venerate and work with your own ancestors, it seems as if they are not "good enough" to help you in your life and I am here to tell you, that is be the furthest from the truth.

I discussed this in one of my videos with also charging oils, etc with deity. If I use them to make an oil for example, they more than likely will require some sort of offering. I provide the offering and they may work for me, because I have provided that offering, but will they work for you? It is especially difficult when you don't know what deity to even give an offering to. I say this to say, just be careful and educate yourself. 


Much love