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Please note before any spiritual work is completed, it is important that you are spiritually cleansed. Any products that are recommended for you to use in conjunction with the custom ritual work, such as spiritual baths, are included in the price of the work. We do not offer ANY guarantee on work performed.

Divination is important when doing any type of spiritual work. This is completed to determine the best course of action to take, whether it is in the best interest to complete the work requested. This is done to determine future outcomes if work is performed and offer insight and guidance.  Divination is recommended for custom ritual. Divination will also determine if we choose to accept the work. It is not required for work, but it is recommended.   The divination fee is non-refundable 

Photos of the work will be sent before and after. No photos will be sent while the work is in progress, please do not contact us while work is in progress, this is to avoid blockages in your work.  


Once divination is purchased, please send an email to with details regarding your situation and the type of work you are requesting. Once the divination is completed and the work is accepted, . 

Your work will be started once their is sufficient space on the altar and is dependent on the time and day of the week (depending on the type of work requested).


For setting of lights and jar work, please send an email to with details regarding the situation for work requested. .

You will be emailed once the work is completed. 

Prices are reflected below. ALL PURCHASES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE 

Divination- $50.00 (Non-Refundable)


Setting of lights- The setting of lights is candle work with dressed candles used to target specific conditions with petition.


Spiritual Healing & Cleansing/Uncrossing & Unhexing/Cord Cutting



Spiritual Healing & Cleansing

Spiritual Healing & Cleansing is used to cleanse away negative energy and give vitality to those who are spiritually fatigued or ill.  Spiritual healing can be used to heal the body mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally.  This is used to bring Harmony and peace into your life.


Uncrossing work is used to remove curses, jinxes, and crossed conditions. It is used to restore good luck and change bad luck to good luck. It can also be used to remove any negative deities or energies that may be attached to a person.

Cord Cutting

Cord Cutting is used to sever the emotional cord between two people. It is used to heal from an emotional or unhealthy relationship.  It is used to get rid of unwanted energy that affects your life. The cords are intimate bonds between two people, that affect your life.



Road Opener/Blockbusting



Road opening is used to remove blockages, obstacles, and open your path to new opportunities

Blockbusting is used to bust through blockages that are in your way. It clears the path to what you need, want or desire. It can be used to remove emotional blockages and remove blockages that may hinder your emotional and spiritual advancement.


Prosperity, Career, Money, Business, Crown of Success



Prosperity Work: Prosperity work is used to achieve success in life and promote and attract money, wealth, and success from many sources.

 -Steady Work: This work is used to secure a good job and maintain that job, it is also used in gaining new clients in business and maintaining clients while offering a steady flow of work.

-Better Business: This work is used to attract customers to your business. This work increases sales and enhances your business reputation. It also attracts more money to your business. It is important that with this work, you are running an ethical business. 

-Employment: This work is used to obtain employment. This is used when searching for job, seeking a desired promotion, or starting a new career or business.

Money Drawing: This work is a money magnet as it pulls money, abundance, wealth, and prosperity towards you.

Crown of Success: This is powerful work which is used for manifestation and to help obtain goals and succeed in endeavors





Banishment: This work is used to remove unwanted people or situations from your life without crossing or hexing a person.



Fiery Wall of Protection




Protection work is used to keep you, yourself, and home from evil, curses, harm, negativity, and dark spirits. Fiery wall builds a barrier of protection around you.

Court Case



Court case work is used to turn judgments in your favor. It can be used to aid in communication throughout court proceedings.





Attraction: This work is used to draw a new love into your life, and/or draw a person with characteristics that you desire, I do not offer love workings for a specific person. Attraction can also be used to attract things such as opportunities, money, etc. 


Jar Work

Jars are worked consecutively for 7 days

Sweetening Jar $150.00

Sweetening jars are used to “sweeten” someone up to you. This is to make them like you and show you more favor. This is NOT for love workings. 

Money Jar $150.00

Money jars are used to sweeten and draw money towards you.

Protection Jar $150.00

Protection jars are used to protect a person from harm and negativity. It is another powerful layer of protection.

Sour Jars: $250.00

Sour Jars are used to sour a person’s life. This is used to cause havoc and destroy or make a person’s life miserable. It must be justified in order to see results 

Judge Jar- $150.00

This jar is used to sweeten the judge up to you and give you favor in court proceedings.


Spiritual Counseling & Mentoring

Spiritual Counseling and Mentoring is used for spiritual growth, whether you are new to your journey and need guidance or need to learn methods of doing work efficiently.


30 minute counseling session- $50.00

1 Hour counseling session-  $75.00

3 Week $250.00- This includes 3 weeks of mentoring and spiritual counseling. This includes: two 30 minute calls twice per week and guidance on your spiritual path and condition work.

6 Weeks $400.00- This includes 6 weeks of mentoring and spiritual counseling. This includes two 30 minute calls twice per week and guidance on your spiritual path and condition work. 

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Setting of Lights
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Tarot Reading Situational 4-6 days
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Third Generation Conjure Gift Card
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Divination for Work
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Spiritual Counseling & Mentoring
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Jar Work
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Custom Ritual
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