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Protection Mist

Protection Mist is alleged to be used to guard yourself from curses, hexes, negative energy and evil spirits.

Crown of Success

The Crown of Success Mist is alleged to bring success in financial, career, business matters, school or helping you succeed in all of your endeavors.

Van Van

Van Van Mist is ALLEGED to strengthen the power of the user. This is an ALL IN ONE, multi-purpose mist. It is an effective tool used to cleanse away evil and bring success with any situation

Money Drawing

Money Mist is an alleged powerful money magnet that is used to pull money, abundance, wealth and prosperity towards you.


Love Drawing

Love drawing mist  is ALLEGED to make your lover stay close and true to you, brings the right mate into your life. Love drawing mist is used to draw love into your life which can come from all sources- so make sure to be specific in petitions and intentions.


Road Opener

Road Opener Mist is alleged to help remove blocks, obstacles and open your path to new opportunities.

Steady Work

Steady Work Mist is ALLEGED to aid you in securing a good job and maintaining your job. It helps to gain new clients and maintain current clients.

Add to talismans, mojo bags, or in spellwork for attracting financial stability. This mist can be sprayed in your office, in your car, on business cards, etc. Use while focusing on your desire or intention. Conjure and Rootwork, is personal and unique to every person. You only get out of it what you put in. Results depend on YOU and your energy!

Price reflects 2 oz size.

*DO NOT INGEST* External Use Only
**Please do a skin patch test for sensitivity or allergic reactions to herbs,
roots, or essential oils before anointing your body with any product**

Also per Government requirements FDA (Federal Drug Administration), I am required to state that my items are SOLD AS CURIOS ONLY and offered solely for entertainment purposes and I DO NOT guaranteed to provide any specific abilities or results.


**THIRD GENERATION CONJURE and it's owner are not responsible for any harm, damages, and loses resulting from the use or misuse of ANY products from my shop. Purchasing my product signifies your acceptance of this statement and releases me from ALL liability.