Conjure Waters

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Indigo Water- Indigo Water is used as a spiritual cleansing agent. It is used to remove negative and harmful influences. The water can be used as a floor wash or mist for the home. It is used in household blessings and to promote a peaceful environment.

Florida Water- Florida water is a great spiritual cleanse. Often used to clean home for protection and to remove negative energies. It is also used as a purifier for altar cleansing ms and offerings. 

Four Thieves Vinegar- Four Thieves Vinegar is an old Hoodoo formula used for repelling and protection against negative energy and folks who wish to cause you harm. This can be used as spiritual cleanser for the home and also put at the threshold of the home, and even used in corners and on door knobs.

Peace Water- Peace Water is used to promote a peaceful environment and good spirits. It is used to keep negative and evil spirits out of the home. Peace water is made to be kept in the bottle and can be shaken up occasionally to deter negative and evil spirits and influences. Traditionally it is kept in the entry way of the home. 

Van Van Floor Wash is ALLEGED to strengthen the power of the user. This is an ALL IN ONE, multi-purpose wash.

It is an effective tool used to cleanse away evil and bring success with any situation

Use while focusing on your desire or intention.
Conjure and Rootwork, is personal and unique to every person. You only get out of it what you put in.
Results depend on YOU and your energy!

For Floor Wash Use - Add contents into a gallon of cold water and mop your floors from the front of your home to the back

Price reflects 8 oz size.

*DO NOT INGEST* External Use Only
**Please do a skin patch test for sensitivity or allergic reactions to herbs,
roots, or essential oils before anointing your body with any product**

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