Jar Work

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Jars are worked consecutively for 7 days

Sweetening Jar 150.00

Sweetening jars are used to “sweeten” someone up to you. This is to make them like you and show you more favor. This can be done on a love target or any other person, such as a supervisor.

Money Jar $150.00

Money jars are used to sweeten and draw money towards you.

Protection Jar 150.00

Protection jars are used to protect a person from harm and negativity. It is another powerful layer of protection.

Sour Jars: $250.00

Sour Jars are used to sour a person’s life. This is used to cause havoc and destroy or make a person’s life miserable.

Judge Jar- $150.00

This jar is used to sweeten the judge up to you and give you favor in court proceedings.