Spiritual Baths

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13 herbs bath

13 Herbs Bath contains 13 pleasant smelling protection and purification herbs that removes Jinxes, negative energy and Crossed Conditions.
I recommend taking a 13 Herb bath once a month.


The Attraction Bath is a spiritual tool that is used to Strongly draw in money, love, luck, success, or whatever you desire to bring into your life.

Come to me boy

Come To Me Boy Bath is alleged to attract, dominate, or hold onto a specific man. This is used when the lover is someone you know and not used to attract a new or unknown lover.

Crown of Success

Crown of Success Bath is used to bring success in financial, career, business matters, school or helping you succeed in all of your endeavors.

Fast Money

Fast money bath is alleged to draw money FAST! This is for times when you need money quickly or in dire financial need

Fiery Wall of Protection

Fiery Wall of Protection is used to be one of the strongest forms of protection from evil doings, curses, witchcraft, it builds a protective wall of protection between you and negative outside influences or people.

High John the Conqueror

High John the Conqueror Bath is alleged to magnify personal power, luck, success, money and will aid you inaccomplishing just about anything and any situation.

Love Drawing

Love Drawing Bath is used to draw a new love into your life and draw a person with the proper characteristic you desire. Love Drawing can also be use in Self Love work. Love drawing is used to draw love to you and can come from several different sources, so be specific with intentions.

Money Drawing

Money Drawing Bath is a powerful money magnet that is used to pull money, abundance, wealth and prosperity into your life.


Prosperity Bath is alleged to be used to attract money, wealth and success from many sources.


Protection Bath is alleged to be used to guard yourself from curses, hexes, negative energy and evil spirits.


The Reversal Bath is alleged to send any form of a hex, curse, spell, trick or jinx energy right back to the person then sent them.     

Road Opener

Road Opener Bath is used to help remove blockages, obstacles and open your path to new opportunities.

Spiritual Healing

The Spiritual Healing Bath is alleged help cleanse away negative energy and to give vitality to those who are spiritually fatigued or ill and to raise energy levels.

Steady Work

Steady Work Bath is used to aid you in securing a good job and maintaining your job. It helps to gain new clients and maintain current clients.


Uncrossing Bath is alleged to remove curses, jinxes, and crossed conditions, to restore good luck and change bad luck to good. Also used for personal protection and spiritual house cleansing.


Van Van

Van Van Bath is ALLEGED to strengthen the power of the user. This is an ALL IN ONE, multi-purpose bath. It is an effective tool used to cleanse away evil and bring success with any situation


White Bath

White bath is used for purification. It is used to strip energy and is especially great for energy workers and a cleanse when doing baneful workers. Also an all purpose cleanse to purify energy.




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