The Process Bundle

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The process bundle includes all baths, candles, and oils associated with the process

Process as followed in order: 

Ancestor Veneration: includes white bath for purification, ancestors oil, and ancestors candle 

Ancestor oil and candle is used to increase spiritual vibrations and used in ancestral altar work. It is used to strengthen ancestral connections and communication during altar work and offerings.

White bath is used for purification. It is used to strip energy and is especially great for energy workers, altar workings, and  a great cleanse when doing baneful workings  Also an all purpose cleanse to purify energy.

 Uncrossing: includes uncrossing bath, uncrossing oil, and uncrossing candle 

Uncrossing is used to remove curses, jinxes, and crossed conditions, to restore good luck and change bad luck to good.

Also used for personal protection and spiritual house cleansing. 

Spiritual Healing: includes spiritual healing bath, spiritual healing oil, and spiritual healing candle 

Spiritual Healing is used to give vitality to those who are spiritually fatigued or ill and to raise your energy level.   

Fiery Wall of Protection: includes fiery wall of protection bath, fiery wall of protection oil, and fiery wall of protection candle 

Fiery Wall of Protection Is used to keep you and your home safe from any evil, curses, negativity or dark spirits.

This is the ultimate protection. This adds extra layers of protection. 

Road Opener: includes road opener bath, road opener oil, and road opener candle

Road Opener is used to remove blockages, obstacles and open your path to new opportunities.